Escaping the Blues of Entrepreneurship

Lately, I've been through several up and down moments. I'm guessing that this is totally a part of being an entrepreneur. Some days you feel confident and others you're constantly questioning what in the entire f*ck am I doing and why? 

I've tried to incorporate some form of mindfulness and stillness on a weekly basis. Because you never really see into others struggles, especially on the Gram but you see the accomplishments. In a matter of minutes I wrote down a few things I needed to stay focused on. Check them out:

  1. If you don't have your own vision, you will be left chasing someone else's vision blindly.
  2. Meditate and visualize what it is you want....even the details. 
  3. Clear your heart by releasing your past.
  4. Face your true self and chisel away at your fears.
  5. Fear is too heavy a burden, a luggage too heavy to carry.
  6. Lift your eyes beyond your circumstances. 
  7. Push yourself...more.
  8. Establish boundaries....its a form of protection.
  9. Let go of what does not serve you.
  10. Don't compare yourself to anyone else.
  11. Recognize your growth. 
  12. Give your all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sending you all love. Life is too short to waste it living in fear, in comparison. Mind the conversation that you tell yourself. Here for you.  

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