ERA Vintage was conceived on the premise of handpicking and selling vintage and vintage-inspired clothes from various designers to reduce waste and increase style. We have a positive approach to pre-loved clothes and believe fashion should be accessible for all. We celebrate and breathe life into past designers, owners and brands by rethinking and re-visioning our contribution to the future of fashion. 


In 2018, Saida Cater launched ERA Vintage, bringing together her interest in fashion, vintage, style and art as well as her experience in literature and design, to create a business that would celebrate the vintage retail experience of the future. She spent a year searching, shopping and planning before deciding to start a business.  In 2019, Jillian French begin as a model, soon turned partner and expert stylist due to her passion for fashion. Together they form ERA Vintage, a small business with a big vision that focuses on handpicked, unique items and precise styling. 


Born rebel, yet raised to fit perfectly into a cute little gift-box that I couldn’t wait to burst out of. Who knew that clothes, the very thing we wear to hide ourselves would be the thing that delivered the freest and truest expression of myself? My style was ever-changing and had the temperament of the wind. If it didn’t feel right to me, I didn’t wear it. If it didn’t feel right to them, I wore it. Dress codes were condescending and violated personal laws. The smallness of my world said to tone it down. Before I caved in, my world expanded into designing my own clothes and my friends’ clothes in college, jewelry and head pieces. The running joke would be, “Girl did you make that?”  I started embracing my style and to define it would be to undermine it. But the scale tips to street style with colorful tailoring, sprinkled with nostalgic hip-hop, ultra-lux florals, lace and a mashup of bygone eras. I guess it’s like reaching out to grab the world: crazy designs, pops of color, prints, patterns and lush fabrics that tell rich stories like people who had an edge to them. I found a love and obsession in vintage. Found it in handpicking treasures that most discard. I’m not afraid to reach back into yesterday. Not afraid to grab hands with a larger collective of sustainable practices in the name of style, expression and fashion.    


I was interested in clothes for as long as I could remember. My earliest memories were of me wearing my mom's clothes, shoulder pads and accessories in elementary. At an early age, I knew the greatest form of flattery was imitation. So, I picked up styles and imitated outfits from my favorite shows: Full House, Sister Sister, Girlfriends, etc. I too was known for cutting up clothes and making alterations to anything my hands could touch. I took up Fashion & Design at Houston Community College. I couldn’t draw to save my life, no patience to learn to sew, dye classes gave me anxiety. I felt in order to create, I had to first establish every color combination possible. Impossible. Never had a desire to create from scratch…too much pressure. My passion lied in putting looks together. I had an eye for quality pieces, textured and rich fabrics, adding my own style and design to what had already existed. I liked seeing things change. Watching something go from my mind to an altered finished product. Imitation until you develop your own ability to create, style. Then execute. Then do it again. 



ERA exists for the love of style, expression and individuality. We exist to rethink who controls what dictates fashion. We believe in body positivity and empowerment. Our mission is to be a platform for bridging yesterday’s throwaways into the future of rethinking fashion.